“Kimo” is Hawaiian for Jimmy - For many years Jimmy Delgado was a preeminent figure on the Los Angeles blues scene earning props, kudos and a following for his stinging guitar leads in such bands as Blowin’ Smoke, The Delgado Brothers and The Jeanette Turner Band. Throughout his career Jimmy (Kimo) has had a deep appreciation for slide and steel guitar masters such as Elmore James, Duane Allman and Lowell George. Upon moving to Hawaii in the early 80’s, Jimmy (Kimo) came under the spell of Hawaiian steel guitar master Sol Hoopii, a fixture in jazz and popular music of the 1920’s through the 1940’s who continues to inspire generations of slide, steel and pedal steel guitarists. Soon Kimo began to study with the legendary Nashville steel guitarist Jerry Byrd who had "retired" to Hawaii to pursue his love of Hawaiian music. The results of those years of study are to be found in the new CD “Kimo Therapy.”